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Ultimate Sandbag DVD Fusion Fitness:

Ultimate Sandbag DVD Fusion Fitness:

What is Fusion Fitness?

Fusion Fitness is the most dynamic way to gain functional fitness fast! 6 never before seen workouts combining the Ulitmate Sandbag and TRX training makes the most powerful result producing program available. Strength Coach, Josh Henkin takes you step by step on how to perform these incredible movements safely and effectively. You will find how to create the most elite training facility in just a room at your house, your garage, or even outside. This program will give you the strength, endurandce, power and athleticism to make YOU feel like an elite athlete!

Fusion demonstrates the incredibly powerful ability of two simple tools to create amazingly awesome results! Fusion combines the TRX and Ultimate Sandbag with SIX of the most challenging workouts you will ever face as well as instruction of 10 of the very BEST combination drills you can perform!

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